“The HRA program has been incredibly valuable to me, both professionally and personally. The cohort is a perfectly sized group with varying backgrounds and knowledge in healthcare and healthcare policy. This provides the opportunity to look at the complex topics and projects we are assigned through a number of different lenses, just as you need to do as a successful healthcare policy professional in the real world. The instructors and lessons make healthcare policy tangible as they share their in depth insight and break down the 5 W’s on the gaps in our healthcare system. The HRA cohort is intellectually stimulating and in a very short time, it equips you with actionable knowledge and applicable skills to drive impactful healthcare reforms. Lastly, and somewhat to my surprise – HRA has made learning the ins and outs of healthcare policy FUN! Come ready to learn a lot, meet wonderful people & to feel like there is endless opportunity to change healthcare in your community, state or country for the better.”