About us

We’re fighting the battle for America’s healthcare future.

Our Purpose

adj. Doable: able to be attained.

Fixing healthcare in America isn’t an impossible task. With new ideas, innovation, and technology, it’s doable… and imperative.

The truth is that healthcare costs are on an unsustainable rise, taking over an ever-larger share of both family and government budgets. At the Health Reformers Academy, we’re building a new generation of difference makers who are committed to overcoming this challenge and others – not by reflexively expanding government control over healthcare decisions, but by empowering healthcare consumers and emphasizing better results for patients.

HRA is preparing a broad bench of talented professionals to work on healthcare policy in America – to learn how the system operates and explore how they might improve it at both the state and federal levels. Participants learn from leading experts and policy practitioners, join a network of peer professionals, and explore career opportunities in the healthcare policy field.

On healthcare, there’s a better path for the greatest good, and we’re equipping leaders to chart the way.


Patients should be able to afford the care they need and always know their care’s true cost.


A healthcare system’s “north star” should be delivering improved outcomes for patients.



Americans have different healthcare needs; they should have the freedom and ability to access different options.

Equipping Policy Professionals

The Health Reformers Academy offers an intensive, short-term fellowship program that is built for working professionals who want to make a difference on healthcare policy.


Knowledge: Learn How Healthcare Works


Skills: Become a Strong, Strategic Advocate


Network: Build a Team of Partners and Mentors


Career: Jumpstart or Propel Your Career

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