National Fellowship Application

Health Reformers Academy

Thank you for your interest in the Health Reformers Academy national fellowship. If accepted into the next HRA fellowship cohort, you will gain extensive foundational healthcare policy knowledge, improve your ability to lead others and drive important policy change, join a network of peers and national experts to learn from and lean on throughout your career, and be exposed to job opportunities in healthcare policy. Our goal is to help you find and thrive in positions of influence where you can help enact and implement healthcare policies that improve lives, grow our economy, and protect the American Dream.

The fellowship is offered in a convenient and practical format; those who participate can do so while working or attending graduate school. Training is mostly virtual, though fellows will be brought together midway through the semester-long experience for an in-person fly-in weekend for intensive networking and a policy development exercise (travel costs paid for by HRA).  

This is a competitive process. Applications are due by Friday, July 26th, 2024. After we review your application, we will schedule a short interview with you and expect to inform applicants of their acceptance into the cohort the following month..  

The fellowship will run from September 5th to December 12th. If accepted, the cost to participate is $3,000, though very robust scholarships are available, based on need. Please do not let cost be the reason for not applying; HRA’s generous financial supporters want to help defray costs where necessary. The fellowship is free to those who are public employees or non-working students.

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